Personality and Characteristics of Chinese Zodiac sign

General Characteristics

Among Chinese zodiac signs, the Dragon is the sole fanciful creature. The Dragon is the most imperative and effective animal in the Chinese zodiac, in spite of the fact that with a scandalous notoriety for being a hothead and having a sharp tongue. Skilled with intrinsic fearlessness, steadiness and intelligence, they are energetic and confident. They also possess natural leadership quality along with the talent for attracting attention. They are not apprehensive of difficulties, and willing to take risks. They don't view themselves as bothering and pompous.

Personality and Characteristics

Dragon is the fifth Chinese zodiac sign, the years of dragon include 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940 and 1952 and so on. It symbolizes such characteristics as predominance and aspiration. They like to live by their own particular standards and if left all alone, are typically successful. They're energetic in everything they do and they do things in fabulous manner. Sadly, this energy and excitement can leave Dragons feeling depleted and interestingly unfulfilled.

Notwithstanding, the dragon is often viewed as forceful and are not open to criticism. While Dragons as often as possible help other people, once in a while they request help. Others are pulled in to Dragons, particularly their vivid identities, yet where it counts, Dragons want to be distant from everyone else. Maybe that is on the grounds that they're more successful when working alone. Their inclination to be separated from everyone else can appear to be egotism or vanity, yet these qualities aren't material.

Jobs and Career for Dragon

Dragons favor prompting being driven. Employments that permit them to express their imagination are great choices. Some great career options include: innovator, PC expert, legal advisor, engineer, manager, architect, specialist, and sales representative. It doesn’t matter what kind of career the Dragon chooses, they are going to shine in it. They will be successful wherever they go.

Relationships with Dragon

Dragons will give into adoration, yet won't surrender their autonomy. Since they have brisk, some of the time vindictive tempers, their accomplices should be tough-skinned. They appreciate other people who are interesting, and when they explore the right accomplices, they'll normally commit on that individual forever. They value the relationship and leave no stone unturned to make their partner satisfied.

How healthy Dragon are?

Since Dragons are extremely hard-working, thus they are overall healthy. When they take stress, they suffer from periodic migraines/headaches likely as they take most of the risks. Dragons could benefit by consolidating mellow activity into their lives. Yoga or strolling would be great as these exercises can work both their brains and their bodies.

Lucky things for Dragon

Lucky Color: Silver, Gold and Grayish White.

Lucky Numbers: 1, 6 and 7

Lucky Directions: East, North and West

Effect of five elements on the personality of Dragon

Metal- Natural and direct, erratic with constantly changing feelings.

Water- Vigorous, far-sighted and persevering.

Wood- Introverted, less energetic and lacking great connections.

Fire- Smart, questionable, and agreeable.

Earth- Smart, aspiring, and persevering.

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