Personality and Characteristics of Chinese Zodiac sign

General Characteristics

People born in the Chinese zodiac sign Horse are energetic and active. They love to be in crowd, may be usually seen in events like theaters, concerts, theaters, meetings and parties. Being born a horse, there are many contradictions in their character. They are proud yet sweet natured, resentful but tolerant, arrogant yet modest. They desire crave and love intimacy yet often feel pressured. However the truth is Horse is an individual who depends only on their own labor and wits to get what they want.

Personality and Characteristics

Horse is the seventh zodiac sign in Chinese astrology. The year of Horse include 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966 and so on. It symbolizes such character traits vitality, strength and an active nature. Being extremely animated, they thrive when they are the center of attention. Continuously looking for a decent time, Horses keep the crowds content with their silliness and their mind. Sometimes Horse is a little self-centered, however it doesn’t mean that they can’t be interested in others problems.

Horses are amazingly canny so they're ready to get a handle on new subjects easily. They're additionally equipped for multi-tasking work, but they don't generally complete what they begin since they're perpetually pursuing the next open door. Horses are straightforward, cordial and liberal. They're maybe a bit excessively centered on themselves and have been known to throw peevishness when situations don’t go their way.

Jobs and Career for Horse

Horses appreciate positions in which they can interact with others. They aren't fond of taking orders and they'll keep running from occupations they consider schedule. They're viable communicators and they appreciate the power. Great career choices for Horses include: pilot, librarian, tour operator, performer, bartender, translator, instructor, journalist and sales representative.

Relationships with Horse

Horses, being unconstrained, tend to fall quick and hard for others. They tend to give themselves completely in each new relationship a quality that winds up wearing down their inward being. Luckily, this debilitating attribute progresses with age and relationships are more grounded and more steady later in life.

How healthy Horse are?

Horses are extremely healthy in all probability since they keep up an inspirational point of view and because they're athletic. Lead Horses to open, wide spaces and watch them freely run. Horses will typically just feel sick when they're caught inside. Moreover, horse must refuse some invitations to parties at the night.

Lucky things for Horse

Lucky Color: Green and Yellow

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3 and 7

Lucky Directions: West, east and southwest

Effect of five elements on the personality of Horse

Metal- Rational, calm, straightforward, kind, always ready to help others and popular among friends.

Water- Amicable, reliable, irritable, sentimental and very charming for friends of the opposite sex.

Wood- sentimental and irritable with abundant insightful and imagination analyses of issues.

Fire- Lively, smart, charismatic, overflowing with enthusiasm but obstinate.

Earth- Kind hearted, optimistic, righteous, irritable with a strong sense of responsibility and always redy to help others.

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