Personality and Characteristics of Chinese Zodiac sign

General Characteristics

Oxen are peace loving, gentle, possesses great physical strength which makes it perilous if angered. They are unromantic however there is no lack of affection for a few select friends. Whether it is relationship, job and other aspects of life, they are observant and have remarkable memories and good at reporting on everything they observe. Ox people are dogmatic and stubborn and believe in their decision and will never be repentant. They are also very close to their friends.

Personality and Characteristics

Ox is the second zodiac sign in Chinese astrology. The years of Ox include 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937 and so on. People born under this zodiac sign bear honest, simple, persistent and straightforward attributes. They are born leaders with robust devotion and faith to work. They are contemplative before taking actions, not merely affected by the surroundings however just follow their ability and concept. They are capable of trusting others and will listen to their opinions with open mind.

Oxen have a strong patriotism for their motherland, have ambitions and ideas for life and attach importance for their work and family. Such things reflect the traditional attributes of conservatives. Being hardworking; they can stick at a task longer and go at it harder than anyone. They truly believe in themselves and inclined to classify almost everything into two major categories- good and bad.

Jobs and Career for Ox

When it comes to business, they often bring prosperity not through risk and entrepreneurial imagination, however as a result of logical thinking honest endurance and resolute practicality. They possess a responsible and serious attitude towards work; they can come up with diverse approaches to their task. They are able to work in careers like painting, interior design, real estate, manufacturing, agriculture, engineering and manufacturing etc.

Relationships with Ox

Since the oxen don’t have good communicational skills, thus they have less social intercourse. They enjoy staying alone and preferring solitude apart from participating in group activities. They tend to keep a long lasting relationship with their lovers. The rapid changes of lover make them feel bumpy.

How healthy Ox are?

Oxen are robust and strong and enjoy s fairly long and healthy life with little illness. With a stubborn personality, they explore it easy to bear stress and tension and they are reluctant to reveal themselves to others. Regular short trips and proper relaxation will benefit the ox. Since they are devoted to work and tend to forget meals which make them have intestinal problems.

Lucky things for Ox

Lucky Color: Green, Yellow and white

Lucky Numbers: 1 and 4

Lucky Directions: South and North

Effect of five elements on the personality of Ox

Metal- Active, hardworking, busy and popular among friends.

Water- Tenacious, ambitious, hardworking, competent to endure hardship with strong sense of justice and keen observational qualities.

Wood- Straightforward, decisive, restless and always ready to defend the helpless and weak.

Fire- Impersonal, Narrow-minded, selfish, short-sighted and practical.

Earth- Prudent, Honest with a better sense of responsibility.

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