Personality and Characteristics of Chinese Zodiac sign

General Characteristics

The individuals who born under the Chinese zodiac sign Rat are alert, acute and instinctive in nature which paved their way to be brilliant businessman. They can always react properly before the nastiest circumstances take place. They are likewise popular and sophisticated in social interaction. Among all the zodiac signs, Rat symbolizes charm and activity. As they are continually in their heads, they are often edgy and easily restless.

Personality and Characteristics

Rat is the first zodiac sign in Chinese astrology. The years of Rat include 1912, 1924, 1936 and 1948 and so on. Being the first zodiac sign, it decently represents the action. There is constant mental activity with you. Even when you seem to be resting, your mind is working with full speed. They explore their musings and way of life hold consistent after some time, keeping in mind changes do happen from time to time. Whatever the situation, the Rat keeps on holding strong in its sanctum, interacting with the remaining world on their terms and clutching a feeling of peace that continues on all hardships.

The defense part of Rat is a positive point of view toward the events that compromise their life, from the occasion of growing up to the clashing feelings of adulthood. Whilst there might be moments of profound distress, or unwelcomed change, there is additionally much joy and light in one's life also. Grasping the peace when it comes and exemplifying the soul of their group.

Jobs and Career for Rats

The rat is someone whose career will incline towards the conservation. Rats will go about their businesses and touch the greater heights of success. The best career option for rats are lawyer, director, manager, broadcaster, researcher, politician, writer and comedian.

Relationships with Rats

Whilst the Rat is a grounded individual in life, the thoughts and sensation that emerge when they are around others often flow through them unhampered by any restriction. In turn, it offers a wonderful individual why should dedicate to their loved ones. With profound relationships comes appalling love as well, where they can't get a handle on the thing they need and should acclimate to another lifestyle.

How healthy Rats are?

Generally the Rats are healthy. They are loaded with energy and are very active that helps them stay fit and avoid major diseases. Regular exercises and balanced diet benefit the rats. They are even suggested to take a tour to free tension and stress.

Lucky things for Rats

Lucky Color: Blue, green and gold

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3 and numbers containing them like 23 and 32

Lucky Directions: West, Northwest and Southwest

Effect of five elements on the personality of Rat

Metal- Hardworking, self-confident, helpful, problem solver, prefers to work alone and complex to express their best points.

Water- Wise, conservative, shrewd and talkative.

Wood- Better sense of teamwork, talented, virtuous, self-confident and independent.

Fire- Brave, Quiet, energetic, friendly and cordial to their friends, very strict with themselves.

Earth- Serious, Modest, flexible, honest, amiable with a strong sense of self-esteem.

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