The Capricorn Woman



There is a determination in the Capricorn woman that compels her to push and keep moving forward till she achieves her goals. There is no way that she will give up without a fight. A career that allows her oodles of freedom will bring about the best results as hse knows how to work extremely hard too. A Capricorn woman is best suited in come employment where she is head honcho- being generically inclined to lead others and herself to success. She is not chary about being a little smarmy with her boss if that means a promotion will come easier. There is an innate confidence in the capabilities she possesses to lead her team members in the right direction. It takes a lot of battering to lower her self confidence. When there are people around whom she is not particularly fond of, the Capricorn woman likes to assume the appearance of being positively flawless. This lady keeps a careful eye on everything so that she knows exactly what is happening around her. If it turns out that the Capricorn woman is a friend, she will be loyalty and caring personified. There will be an all out effort to make sure that the friends are alright and if there is any spot of trouble, she will go out of her way to help in any way. The professional success of close friends happens to truly please her and make her proud of them. There is a very strong likelihood that as a student in school she mentored her friends.


When under stress a Capricorn woman will turn even more reserved than she usually is. This will be even more so with new comersor strangers. Thus to try and reach out to even help becomes an impossibly difficult task. Though the Capricorn woman is quite conscious of the fact that she is intelligent, she tends to forget the fact when under pressure of any sort. Instead of tackling th task head on, her tendency is to stay away from that particular situation or person so that no further problems are caused. It is to her credit that when she is under tension, instead of aggravating the problem, she tries keeping away till the matters are resolved and smooth flowing once again. The lady in question does her best to not to disturb anyone even when she herself is stressed out. However, if others go out of their way to be difficult, then she does not take it very well. One major reason for stress is when the Capricorn woman has the strong impression that there is someone in her close vicinity who does not approve of her. Her retaliation takes the form of trying to be perfect.


When she is at peace, the Capricorn woman is prepared to go slow with her drive for independence and be just a tad submissive. At the same time, there is no way that she is going to let her partner browbeat or push her around in any way. Even when things are quiet and peaceful, there has to be equality in the relationship. A Capricorn woman can only be truly peaceful when there is the swe – so et fragrance of success all around. There also has to be love and security in the relationship. Strangely enough dull and staid routine makes her uncomfortable, so there should be a variety of ideas floating around. Sex is not a major part of her agenda, but lots of cuddling and snuggling does make her feel calm and at peace. Not being pushed into any activity – whether sexual or daily routine helps in serenity and peace. The Capricorn woman likes to maintain an even pace, which for her is peace and will not tolerate being pushed. Take a lot of time in hand and let her be absolutely at liberty to make her own decisions. Ultimately that pays off in the long run.


A Capricorn woman has a very good idea of her own positive qualities that proper her forward and will always be in search of a partner who can show her as much respect as she shows him. In a partner, a female Capricorn would look for someone who arouses in herself a sense of security and stability. The person will have to have unimpeachable honesty and integrity and be utterly trustworthy. There has to be a sense of dependability – in short, in a crisis is she has to be sure that he will be there to support her. In any relationship there are segments that are very important to a couple. The Capricorn woman will want to have more control over this. However, if the man she has chosen as partner happens to be on par with her, she is quite happy to share any decision making with him. There is no doubting the fact that a Capricorn woman will want child; but. That does not mean that she will want to be a stay at home mother. This is one of the primary reasons that she has to have as a partner a man with who traditional domestic values will be shared and enjoyed. In the eventuality of a Capricorn woman actually falling in love, there is no doubting the fact that she will be an extremely loving, supportive and loyal partner right through the entire relationship.If the Capricorn woman falls in love, then she will be loyal and loving throughout the relationship.


Though not overtly so, the Capricorn woman is extremely loving and passionate. There is no way that this genre of woman will agree to a raucous sexual relationship at the very first meeting itself. The reason behind this is very simple. The Capricorn woman is firmly convinced that sex is just for and purely for pleasure. She makes a very clear distinction between falling in love and enjoying sex. She is the kind of person who might not enjoy sex for the sake of the relationship, but for the pleasure that it brings to her body. However, if there comes a time when she can actually merge the two – the result is mind boggling, which will make her rapturously happy. When a Capricorn female starts enjoying sex for some time, it might not be a very long lasting feature. The depth that she is always seeking will appear non-existent; there will be a constant desire to know her partner better. For her the feelings will not only have to mutual, but reciprocal too. There is a deep and inherent desire in the Capricorn woman to make her feel intensely feminine in all arenas of her life , and that does not mean it will necessarily have to be only through sex. Once some particular man has caught her attention, the Capricorn woman will want to delve into what she will gain out of the budding relationship. It might come as a surprise, but the Capricorn woman can be very adventurous in bed and also have a ball with new experiments. However, just as much as she enjoys the physical romping, she looks forward with even more intensity to the emotional intensity.


A time worn image of the Capricorn woman is just working towards winning any game and of course being all drive and ambition. What is the secret that nobody seems to realize is that even if such a woman were to exist, there is deep inner core of her that wants to just finish with anything to do with work and relax without any other thought. This is a constant ongoing battle. As a matter of fact there can be lengthy period when this woman will feel and be totally unproductive,. The antidote to this is a prolonged break during such barren times. It is only then that they get over this attitude and start being their usual feisty self. There is yet another facet in which the Capricorn woman is utterly laid back and is more than happy to get along with no motivation at all. Though the norm is that the Capricorn woman is the first to happily agree to any task; anything extra to be done will definitely find her complain loud and clear, though of course ultimately she will see that the work gets done. It also happens more often than not that a Capricorn woman clears to company she is working for when all seems lost. Some inner gizmo weaves a magic wand and all the drive and force in the world is exhibited with a vengeance.


Capricornians and particularly female Capricorns are automatically assumed to nurture scrooge like tendencies. In short they have problems about spending money. That isn certainly not exactly the truth. Capricorn women are careful about spending and what very good value for what they are spending on. This is absolutely a different angle from being cheap ort not wanting to spend money simply for the sake of not spending money. However, they definitely give a great deal of thought to spending before they actually do so. By contrast there is a certain category who trend to go on a wild spending spree if they feel a certain lack of fulfilment . Those who are close to such women should be alert if such emotions surface. In such an instance they should intervene and stop this impulsive binge on whatever the pretext.


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