Premium Tarot Card Reading

Whether it is an issue regarding a major love problem or some other serious concern, between 8 – 10 tarot cards will be used. There are innumerable options that can be thought about if you are looking for a take on someone you love, a love affair going wrong or just what an ongoing relationship is likely to be in the future. This kind of reading can also be used for an in-depth analysis on your career or life in general too. You will get a report that is between 1500-2000 words in length. Contact x for the cost and our payment options. Keep in mind that any kind of question can be asked for any complex situation – the genre really does not matter.

If you know the broad spectrum of what you are anxious about, but are not sure about how to ask the question, here are some helpful pointers:

If you are proactive – that is the way to get the best and most appropriate answers to your questions. It could be in the following manner :

• What is the best choice to make between………..
• How best can I support myself while ………….
• What is the best time to………
• What should my following step be in order to accomplish …………….
• How can I be better at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
• What else do need to know about …………
• How more can I help by …………………..
• What is the best way to get over the obstacle …………..
• What is standing in the way of my …………

When there is a particular urgency to the questions

If there is an urgency about the question you have in mind and your answer has to be focussed and short – this option offered by is the one to choose. There will be no elaborate details and the answer will be absolutely to the point. You can ask just one question and the answer should you within 72 hours. The method will be a 2-3 card reading that ranges between 2 – 3 tarot cards.

Try and use this style of asking that we at recommend; the cards give a more accurate answer.
• There is a problem centring round my husband/wife/brother/sister/mother. What knowledge is of the utmost importance to me?
• What is the crucial information that is vital to my career?
• My love live – what is essential that I know?

Birthday / New Year Reading

All of us are interested in knowing the trend of the year that lies ahead. There is a lot that has to be learned and blunders to be avoided. This reading offers good pointers. This reading consists of 12 cards and is tailor made to suit you. If you want Birth Astro also lets you gift a reading for a loved one. What do you get from this reading?

Your Personal Year Number is calculated; this is based on your birthdate and is about 2000+ words in length. Try to frame your questions in the following manner which will best match your situation :-

• What path is the future indicating?
• What blessings can I attract to my life?
• In what manner is fortune positively impacting my life?
• Where is love in my life?
• How can I once again start hoping for the future?
• What should I be ware of?
• What have I learned?
• What are my strong points?

Standard Tarot Reading

Birth Astro uses 4 – 7 cards to provide an in depth analysis of your love life, spirituality, career or any other issue that is weighing you down. It is suggested that 1 – 2 questions are asked for this type of reading. The report is likely to be between 1000 – 1500 words.

• A career change is likely – how can I transform my prospects in a positive manner?
• What is trying to emerge in my life?
• How can I get to move my career forward?
• How can I get my love life to move in a forward direction?

Single Card Spread (Email Only)

When there is a pressing need to focus on one single factor, this is a good option. This also can be used by regular visitors to Birth Astro who do not have to approach any particular reader, just visit this site and move ahead with their choice. . You could also choose to draw a card of the day. If only an email reading is required, then that must be made absolute clear in the form.

If you want the best possible outcome from a tarot reading, we suggest that you give these pointers a thought before beginning:

• Right at the beginning take a deep breath and think intensely about what you are about to ask.
• Though you will have to make your own decision, the cards will indicate the outcome and put before you the choices you can make.
• What information you offer before the start of a reading does not really matter. The more the information, the more precise the nature of the response. The readings are based on the impression one has of the truth.
• There is no kind of black magic or voodoo involved. Your current situation will be delved into and guidance offered. Any decision taken however remains your responsibility. One last point we at Birth Astro wish to make -- - the more focussed you makes a question, the more likely it is to get an accurate and personalised answer.